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Community Rules:

-All members must copy and paste (<*image src=http://picserver.student.utwente.nl/getpicture.php?id=209854*>) without the *'s into their own livejournal info to promote this community =D Please!

-Themes will be different at least monthly. Ideas for themes can be given to the moderator m3r1am. Themes will be announced whenever changed.. I promise I'll make them fun and interesting!

-This community is for people of ALL DIFFERENT fashion senses. Share your own style, and accept others' styles. No negative judgements can be passed towards others!

-When posting pictures in the community PLEASE make sure they are some what appropriate. And if they pictures are large use the <*lj-cut=url here*> without the *'s

-Have fun and go CrAzy with this community, After all.. that's what Fashion is ALL ABOUT!